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The Raquel Show

Jun 17, 2022

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

Lessons I learned from my dad growing up, and how my life has been impacted by my love of learning ever since.

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Show Notes:

Happy early Father’s Day to all the incredible Dads and Father figures out there! A lot of my ambitious, curious, and travel loving spirit is in many ways inspired by my dad. In this episode, I’m sharing 3 lessons I learned from my dad growing up. Father’s play such an important role and I’m so glad to share the things my dad taught me, as well as honor incredible Dads like my husband Brad that do it all! Tune in as I share the valuable lessons I’ve learned, and to apply them to your life!


01:30 A message to the Father’s.

02:40 Reflecting on lessons from my dad, and growing up playing sports.

05:15 Growing up with a multi passionate dad.

07:00 Ways my dad served others, and instilled the importance of family.

09:00 What is a lesson you’ve learned from your father or a father figure in your life?