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The Raquel Show

Jul 12, 2022

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

Overcoming the fears, challenges, and limiting beliefs that stand in your way.

The importance of protecting your energy and vision.

How to take the risk and fulfill your dream.

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Show Notes:

We hope you’re hungry, because we’ve cooked up a special episode just for you! Joining us today is Chef Ash DelRosario, celebrity chef, caterer, and entrepreneur who has traveled and cooked all over the world! We’ll explore her journey of starting a business during the midst of the pandemic, and how she found success during one of the most challenging times. How did she overcome her fears and limiting beliefs? What does she do to preserve and protect her energy? How did she follow her passion to pursue her dream? This is one episode you’ll keep coming back to for seconds!

00:30 Meet the incredible chef & businesswoman who has traveled the world, Ashley DelRosario!

02:05 When did you first become passionate about what you’re doing?

03:20 Overcoming limiting beliefs and fears.

05:50 Who were the people who supported you in your journey?

07:05 What was the most challenging thing you had to overcome?

07:55 What is one thing about your business you didn’t expect?

09:10 When you go to someone’s home, what do you notice about their food?

10:35 How has your business taught you new things about yourself?

13:50 What is the best advice you’ve been given?

14:30 Protecting your energy.

15:50 What books do you recommend?

16:50 What do you have coming up that excites you?

18:05 How would you define success?

18:50 What is one thing you do to play bigger in business and in life?